Woolly's Dead

The newly fallen and a hefty trove

Most recently, the heroes, having given up hope of resurrecting Woolly (the religious devotion to St. Cuthbert it would take to get Bishop Budvar to raise him seeming too much to bear), were met at the Keep by a newcomer: Cheezbepoof the gnome illusionist. While still at the Keep, they bought a round for the house at the One-Eyed Cat Tavern and met Asham the cooper, who seemed despondent. Asham said that his daughter Arpad ran away a few weeks ago, and he didn’t know if he’d ever see her again.

The next morning, Dez, Tre’lan, ‘poof, Beatrix, Gorth, Bro. Martin, Dubricus, and “Third” set out for the Caves once again, in search of the elusive copper dragon egg. They entered a cave that had until recently been protected by a locked door and talking (not to mention electric-shocking) skulls. They went in, headed up some stairs, and entered what seemed to be the dining room for an undead couple: Skeltar and Zombire. The two parties chatted for a while, but after several more skeletons and zombies arrived, the undead attacked.

The battle was fierce and messy. “Third” fought off many skeletons at the doorway before she fell. Dubricus, too, fought valiantly, but could not save himself. Other members of the party came close to death as well. But in the end, they triumphed, aided in particular by a judicious backstab by Beatrix and some good sword-work by Gorth.

The Sskeltar and Zombire had many interesting items on them, and the coffins at the back of the room were filled with treasure:

  • a lapis lazuli ring
  • a bracelet made of polished flat oval stones, linked with gold
  • a gold choker from which hang four black stone pendants
  • a necklace with a long, thin silver chain and lapis lazuli medallion bearing an image on the front of a skull and a sevenfold gate, and on the back an image of a beautiful woman sitting on a throne
  • a fine robe
  • a pouch with some kind of extra-dimensional space inside
  • five fine dresses (already claimed by Dez)
  • 30 neat bags of coins
  • a pouch containing 15 gems:

* 4 tiger eyes

* 2 white chalcedonies

* 4 amethysts

* 3 black pearls

* an unidentified yellow gem

* a star sapphire

But was the death of two comrades, whose bodies had to be left behind among the carcasses of the twice-dead skeletons and zombies, too much to pay for all this loot?



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