Kendall Keep

Kendall Keep, constructed of gray stone, is an impressive sight from the North Road – it stands on a small plateau above the surrounding forest and farmland, its towers high enough to afford a sweeping survey of the road for nearly a mile. The keep houses a few score permanent residents – mostly artisans and craftsmen – and guards a smaller number of farming families nearby. Merchants are frequent visitors to the keep, usually staying at a guildhouse within the walls, as the keep lies on a trade route between the Dalelands and the North.

The keep’s current leadership is:

  • Abercrombie, the priest of St. Erkenwald and chaplain

The keep was first established some three decades ago by an adventurer named Macsen. He expected to retire to a life of management and the occasional expedition to defend the people living near the keep against the odd monster, but his spirit of adventure remained strong. When news arrived that his homeland far to the north was in danger, he gathered his best warriors and departed, leaving his right-hand man Devereau in charge. Macsen never returned, as he was killed in battle.

Since Macsen’s time, the keep has remained relatively prosperous and has successfully fended off three attacks by humanoid tribes from the surrounding region.

These tribes have frequently made their homes in the nearby Caves of Chaos, which have lured many adventurers to the region.

Kendall Keep

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